Lot 1: 78RPM Shellac Gramophone Records
Lot 2: Royal Wrocester Blueh Ivory Shell Vase, Glass, Carltonware etc
Lot 3: Telephone Cards x60, Aeromodeller Magazines etc
Lot 4: Wade Whisky Jug, Fish Jug, Alarm Clock, Wade Bells Decanters
Lot 5: Oriental China Jug, Figure with Fish, clogs etc (6 items)
Lot 6: Shortbrrad Biscuit Tins (9 items)
Lot 7: Antique China Teapot, figurines and Glassware
Lot 8: 12 and 7 inch Records, some rock n roll, comedy, folk
Lot 9: Two Antique Teapots (2 items)
Lot 10: Paddington Bear Collectables, Jugs, etc
Lot 11: Royal Doulton Plate, Crown Ducal Teaset etc
Lot 12: Box of China items including a Blue & White China Tea Set etc
Lot 13: Collection of Brass Items inc Oil Lamp etc
Lot 14: Box of items including a Copper Kettle, Crown Darby Vase and Fireside Dog etc
Lot 15: Collection of Copper & Brass Items
Lot 16: Large Box of Books: mainly War/Aeroplane related.
Lot 17: Box of China Items including Stoneware etc
Lot 18: Large Collection of China including Mason's etc
Lot 19: Box of China including 12 x Toby Jugs etc
Lot 20: Collection of China including Ainsley and Wooden Elephants etc
Lot 21: Wicker Basket containing Lilliput Lane Figures etc
Lot 22: Box of Tools containing Rulers/Set Square etc
Lot 23: Large Collection of Items containing Horsebrasses, Playing Cards and Brass Trays etc
Lot 24: Box of Items including Watches and a Brass Trivet etc
Lot 25: Tray of China Items including a Ladro Figure and Lilliput Lane etc
Lot 26: Large Box of Skiing Items including Soloman Boots etc
Lot 27: 3 x Leonardo Dolls
Lot 28: Vintage SOFIS Speaker
Lot 29: Box of China including a James Kent Ginger Jar and Majolica Pewter Lidded Jug etc
Lot 30: Box of Items including a Gas Mask and Cash Boxes etc
Lot 31: Collection of China containing a Sylvac Rabbit Ashtray etc
Lot 32: Box of Silver Plate Flatware etc
Lot 33: Assortment of Items including a Film Projector and accessories etc
Lot 34: Collection of Mason's Ginger Jars, Treen and Ebony Elephant etc
Lot 35: Job Lot of Dinky/Corgi Playworn Vehicles
Lot 36: Good Collection of Camera Equipment including Olympus etc
Lot 37: Box of China including Spode, Royal Doulton and Midwinter etc
Lot 38: Large Box of Wedgewood China and Toby Jugs etc
Lot 39: Collection of Oriental China including wooden stands etc
Lot 40: Good Collection of Childrens Books
Lot 41: Assortment of Office Sundries including Stampers etc
Lot 42: Good Collection of Tools including a Blow Torch etc
Lot 43: Box of China Items including Dogs, Cats and Brentleigh Vases etc
Lot 44: Box of Misellaneous Items including Candle Sticks and Costume Jewellery etc
Lot 45: Homebase 50cm Tool Box complete with Tools
Lot 46: Mincer/Hurricane Lamp and an Anglepoise Lamp
Lot 47: Alabaster and Brass Ash Tray
Lot 48: Large Collection of Items including Glass Decanters etc
Lot 49: Widmans Christmas Decoration. Boxed.
Lot 50: Luville and Premier Ferris Wheel Christmas Ornaments. Both Boxed
Lot 51: Box of Childrens Books including Enid Blyton etc
Lot 52: Box of Childrens Books including Enid Blyton and Anderson Fairy Tales etc
Lot 53: Box of Framed Pictures including Roses Picture by S Leigh etc
Lot 54: Boxed Assortment of Oriental China etc
Lot 55: Collection of Four Halogen Lamps and Stands
Lot 56: Assortment of Glass Bowls, China and Portmeirion etc
Lot 57: Unisex Chameau Safety Boots, UK Size 8
Lot 58: Oriental China, Parrot Jugs and Antique Teapot etc
Lot 59: Box of China including Decanter Stoppers and Zenite Camera etc
Lot 60: Coopers 9078 Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Boxed
Lot 61: MartinQue Three Speed Fan
Lot 62: Assortment of Items containing Cranberry Glass etc
Lot 63: Talking Lord of the Rings Figure and Minstrels Figure
Lot 64: 2 x Luville Winter Houses.
Lot 65: Boxed Train Models including Flying Scotsman etc
Lot 66: Collection of Chandelier Crystals and Glass Shade.
Lot 67: Boxed Luville Train Station House
Lot 68: Box Assortment of China containing a Decanter etc
Lot 69: Collection of Christmas Winter Houses including Musical Snowing Christmas Decoration etc
Lot 70: Box of China including Capodimonte Figures etc
Lot 71: Collection of China including Baveria/Greek Vases etc
Lot 72: Tray of Items containing Biscuit Tins etc
Lot 73: Large Box of China including Royal Stafford Tea Set and Ashley Tea Set
Lot 74: 6 x Antique Warming Pans and Chestnut Roaster
Lot 75: Halfords Monaco Car Seat Covers
Lot 76: Box of China containing Hornsey China etc
Lot 77: Box of Items to include Horse Brasses etc
Lot 78: Pye Record Player
Lot 79: Box of Various Items including Star Light DVD Player and Cased Cassettes including Gloria Estefan etc
Lot 80: Illuminated Globe
Lot 81: Pietro Cased Accordion
Lot 82: T W Parker Stoneware Flaggon with Stopper
Lot 83: Vintage Salter Bathroom Scales
Lot 84: Collection of Maps of The World
Lot 85: Adler Gabriele 25 Vintage Cased Typewriter
Lot 86: Tool Chest/Artists Boxed and Suitcase
Lot 87: Marching Bands Drum in Case
Lot 88: Collection of Comical Dog Figures and Other China Items
Lot 89: Collection of CD's, Tools including PowerDrill etc
Lot 90: Box of Brass/Copper Ware including Fire Guard and Coal Bucket etc
Lot 91: Collection of Vintage Games including Scrabble/Rubix Cube etc
Lot 92: Assortment of Items including Binoculars and Candle Sticks etc
Lot 93: Red Basket of China including Trinket Boxes and Country Life
Lot 94: Collection of Vintage Toys including Star Wars and ThunderBirds etc
Lot 95: Ornamental Wall Hanging Riffle
Lot 96: Collection of Golf Clubs & Bags
Lot 97: Tray of Grays Pottery and Boxed Lantern Pendant
Lot 98: Large Collection of Mason's Regency Pattern Dinner Ware.
Lot 99: Box of China containing Wedgewood, Mantle Clock and Pictures etc
Lot 100: Large Box of various items including Pictures etc
Lot 101: Collection of China containing Sylvac Vases and Majolica Jug etc
Lot 102: Assortment of China including Masons and CD Radio etc
Lot 103: Oak Book Stand
Lot 104: Box of China including Royal Doulton etc
Lot 105: Collection of Copper/Brass Trays and Liptons Tea Caddy etx
Lot 106: Box of China/Glass Items including Doulton etc
Lot 107: Assortment of Items including Binoculars and Phone etc
Lot 108: Box of Items containing Flat Iron on Stand etc
Lot 109: Large Box of Items including G Morris Water Colour, Royal Doulton Carpet Seller and Lynx Digital Photo Display etc
Lot 110: Various items to include Masons, Easy Home Heater and Sony DVD Player etc
Lot 111: Blue & White Wedgwood China etc
Lot 112: F C Emery Longport Coffee Set
Lot 112A: Large Box of China containing Jugs etc
Lot 113: Graduated Set of Four Halls Bowls + others
Lot 114: Lovely Box of Brass containing Love Spoons,  Vases and Birds etc
Lot 115: Burleigh Ware including 5 x Meat Platters and Tureen
Lot 116: Box of Stoneware Ink Bottles etc
Lot 117: Collection of China and Glass Items including Duchess Tea Set and Susie Cooper Tea Pot
Lot 118: Box of Silver Plate and Copperware containing Candle Sticks etc
Lot 119: Bosch Hedge Trimmer
Lot 120: White Porclein Dinner Set with Gold Trim + Conwy Castle
Lot 121: Large Collection of China containing Botanical Garden Plates etc
Lot 122: Box of Various Items including Art Deco Figure and Luster Jugs etc
Lot 123: Cambridge Audio Amplifier and CD Player + Teac Cassette Recorder and Realistic Speakers
Lot 124: Box of China to include Novelty Tea Pot and Various Other Items
Lot 125: Wooden Dolls Crib containing Glass Items
Lot 126: Assortment of Items including Shorter Cow Jug , Watches and Heavy Crystal Vase etc
Lot 127: Box of items containing a Coal Port Jugs and Torquay Ware etc
Lot 128: Framed Cigarette Cards and a Players Advertisment Print
Lot 129: Ladies Black Wool Coat
Lot 130: Collection of Pictures and Frames
Lot 131: Box of China and Glass Items including Sweet Jar etc
Lot 132: Nest of Two Glass Topped Tables
Lot 133: Antique Wall Clock for Restoration
Lot 134: Box of China and Glass Items including Cups/Chinese Vase etc
Lot 135: Collection of items containing Desk Lamps and Tureen etc
Lot 136: Assortment of items including Table Lamp and Vases etc
Lot 137: 2 x Beige Suitcases
Lot 138: Blue Suitcase containing a 24 piece stainless steel cutlery set etc
Lot 139: Large Pink Samsonite Suitcase
Lot 140: Collection of Cinema Posters + Others
Lot 141: Box of Various Items to include Horse Brasses etc
Lot 142: Assortment of China containing Vases, Carrige Clock + Glass Items etc
Lot 143: Adderley Tea Set and Glass Jelly Moulds etc
Lot 144: Box of China to include Royal Doulton Figurine etc
Lot 145: Collection of EPNS Comports, Military Badges and Binoculars etc
Lot 146: Jardinere with Glass Light Shades etc
Lot 147: Porsche Power Scalextric Set. Boxed
Lot 148: Box of China to include Ainsley Clock and Glassware etc
Lot 149: Collection of Games to include Jigsaws, Monopoly and Pingpong etc
Lot 150: Collection of Boxed Costume Jewellery
Lot 151: Wicker Basket containing Hanging Lamp Light Shade, Tennis Rackets and Binoculars
Lot 152: Box of China including Antique Tea Pot and Commemorative Ware etc
Lot 153: Fibre Travel Suitcase
Lot 154: Leather Suitcase Monogrammed J R L
Lot 155: Antique Mahogany Coal Scuttle
Lot 156: Box of Books including Sherlock Holmes etc
Lot 157: Good Collection of Tools including Black and Decker Drill etc
Lot 158: Box of China including Wedgwood etc
Lot 159: Boxed Telescoping Pet Ramp
Lot 160: Two Antique Copper Warming Pans
Lot 161: Large Collection of Cameras to include JVC and Samsung etc
Lot 162: 3  x Framed Prints and Others
Lot 163: Antique Wooden Gaming Board
Lot 164: Box of Various Tools to include Vintage Socket Set etc
Lot 165: Assortment of Tools to include Scrappers and Screwdrivers etc
Lot 166: Collection of Ladies items to include Bags etc
Lot 167: Graduated Set of 5 Suitcases
Lot 168: Box of Tools containing Saws, Black and Decker Laser Guide and Screwdrivers etc
Lot 169: Halfords Tool Boxs including Tools
Lot 170: Two Vintage Ferguson Radios
Lot 171: Box of China to include Plates and Vases etc
Lot 172: Collection of Books containing Villages of England etc
Lot 173: Five Vintage Radios including Grundig etc
Lot 174: Solitare 2000 Payphone + Others
Lot 175: Two Chinese Egg Shell Bowls + Other Oriental Items
Lot 176: Kitchen Items to include Scales and Table Mincer etc
Lot 177: Leonardo Morning Shoot Figurine
Lot 178: Large Vase and a Wrought Iron Candle Stand
Lot 179: Large Double Wall EPNS Pitcher
Lot 180: Three Antique Pewter Plates
Lot 181: Collection of China items to include Wedgewood
Lot 182: Three Boxed Franz Vases
Lot 183: Michelin Rapid High Power Tyre Inflator. Boxed
Lot 184: 2 x Art Glass Light Shades
Lot 185: 2 x Luster Jugs and Bowl + Staffordshire Spaniel Dog
Lot 186: Box of Ladies Costume Jewellery
Lot 187: 4 x Hummel Figures
Lot 188: Osbourne China Cups and Saucers. 32 Pieces
Lot 189: Boxed Costume Jewellery including Rennie Mackintosh Watch etc
Lot 190: Costume Jewellery including Frank Usher Beads etc
Lot 191: Box of Ladies Costume Jewellery containing Beads and Lockets etc
Lot 192: Swiza Travel Watch + 2 x pieces filigree
Lot 193: Local Interest Chirk Plates Limited EditIons.
Lot 194: 2 x Pictures of Conwy Castle and Chester
Lot 195: Pressed Flower Picture and 3 x Glass Vases etc
Lot 196: Juliet McLeod 100 Horses Book and Photo Album
Lot 197: Box of 4 x Framed Pictures and Glass Tray
Lot 198: Art Deco Green Punch Bowl and 5 x cups
Lot 199: Four Framed Religious Prints
Lot 200: Ladies Vintage Cream Dress
Lot 201: Box of China including Royal Grafton and Tea Sets etc
Lot 202: Burleigh Ware Parrot Jug
Lot 203: Royal Doulton Falstaff Figure HN3653
Lot 204: Caithness Blue Bell Magenta Vase
Lot 205: Antique Clock Set with Flower Decoration
Lot 206: Royal Albert Old Country Roses Set
Lot 207: Magenta Bohemian Glass Set with Gold Overlay
Lot 208: Local Interest Wrexham and District Local Guide, Signed + Other Items
Lot 209: Foreign Miniture Tea Set + Other Items
Lot 210: Jewellery Box Containing Pin Badges etc
Lot 211: Terratek Telescope with Stand
Lot 212: Art Deco Style Leonardo Figure + Other Figures
Lot 213: Collection of 31 Wade Whimsies
Lot 214: Last of the Summer Wine DVDs
Lot 215: 10 x Canvass Pictures
Lot 216: Tribal Didgeridoo
Lot 217: 4 x Advertising Posters and 2 x Jump Starters
Lot 218: Heavy Duty Farm Jacks
Lot 219: 2 x Electric Guitars and 1 x Acoustic Guitar + Amplifier
Lot 220: Decorative Cream Bird Cage
Lot 221: Antique Needlework Foot Stool
Lot 222: 2 x Mirrors, one with flower decoration
Lot 223: Box of China to include an Arthur Wood Jug and Tea Set etc
Lot 224: Wicker Hamper Backet Containing Wedgwood Devon Rose Dinner Ware
Lot 225: Collection of Oriental China and 3 x Framed Pictures
Lot 226: Assortment of China including Ladro etc
Lot 227: Large Framed Canvas Picture plus 2 x Mirrors
Lot 228: Box of China containing Leonardo Collection etc
Lot 229: Collection of China to include Staffordshire Dog etc
Lot 230: 2 x Large Jerry Cans
Lot 231: Oak Circular Side Table
Lot 232: 2 X Books relating to the Heraldry of York Minster
Lot 233: Metal Framed Table Light
Lot 234: Stoneware Bread Jar and two others
Lot 235: Framed Under Glass Military Picture
Lot 236: Collection of Brass Items including Candlesticks and Tea Pots etc
Lot 237: Sewing Workstand with Light
Lot 238: Collection of Mobile Phones including Nokia etc
Lot 239: Box of China items including Royal Doulton
Lot 240: Box of China items including Hampton Tea Pot etc
Lot 241: Collection of China containing Jugs etc
Lot 242: Assortment of Silver Plate items including Tot Glasses etc
Lot 243: Vintage Teak Book Stand
Lot 244: Adjustable Flexi Work Light
Lot 245: Box of China including a Beswick Style Horse, Stoneware and Wedgwood etc
Lot 246: Mahogany Vintage Bedside Table
Lot 247: Art Deco Walnut Display Cabinet
Lot 248: Basket of Various DVDs and Blueray including Planet of the Apes etc
Lot 249: CD Drawer Full of Classical CDs
Lot 250: Box of China including Willow Pattern Jugs etc
Lot 251: Vintage Barley Twist Pie Crust Topped Oak Table
Lot 252: Nursey Needle Point Picture and Glass Framed Mirror
Lot 253: Mahogany HiFi Cabinet
Lot 254: Box of Sheet Music Scores for Voice and Piano
Lot 255: Assortment of Crested China and Royal Doulton Collectors Plates
Lot 256: Antique China Tea Set
Lot 257: Mahogany Reprodux 4 Draw Chest of Drawers
Lot 258: Halfords Car Roof Bars
Lot 259: Next Metal Moderna Towel Rail
Lot 260: Fonadek Phone Amplifier and Other Items
Lot 261: Collection of Pictures to include Prints and Watercolours
Lot 262: Box of Sewing Items to include Sewing Box
Lot 263: Mens Morlands Real Sheepskin Brown Jacket
Lot 264: Assortment of China items to include James Kent Jug + Other Items
Lot 265: Oak Barley Twist Side Table
Lot 266: Oak Barley Twist Dropleaf Table
Lot 267: Floor Standing Mahogany Corner Cupboard
Lot 268: Conservatory Cane Suite. 1 x two seater and 1 x one seater
Lot 269: Large Box containing Brass Picture Stand etc
Lot 270: Tray of items including Three Capodimonte Figures
Lot 271: Nest of Three Glass Topped Mahogany Tables
Lot 272: Box of China Items including Carnival Glass Comport etc
Lot 273: Oak Wicker Topped Bobbin Table
Lot 274: Delonghi Calor Gas Fire
Lot 275: Collection of Stoneware Jugs
Lot 276: Carved Oak Tribal Panel
Lot 277: Tray of Assorted Items to include Large Metal Tray and Hand Painted Vases etc
Lot 278: Box of China and Glass including Royal Worcester Kitchenware etc
Lot 279: Large Box of items including Cased Flatware and Hornsey etc
Lot 280: Collection of items including Large Jardinere and Ginger Jar etc
Lot 281: Collection of Ainsley and Glassware
Lot 282: Lloyd Loom Gold Bedding Box
Lot 283: Mahogany Serpentine Corner Cabinet
Lot 284: Box of China containing Mahogany Tea Caddy etc
Lot 285: Box Containing Staffordshire Spaniels and Beswick Style Horse etc
Lot 286: Collection of Coloured Glass Items
Lot 287: Mahogany Coffee Table
Lot 288: 2 x Cheese Dishes + Other items
Lot 289: Collection of Crystal Vases + Others
Lot 290: Mahogany Nest of Three Tables
Lot 291: 3 x Antique Jugs including Ironstone
Lot 292: Collection of Silver Plate, Brass and Copperware
Lot 293: Box of Oriental China and Blue/White etc
Lot 294: Box of China including Wade Bells Decanter etc
Lot 295: Collection of Wicker Baskets + Various other items (sewing kits etc)
Lot 296: Assortment of China including Royal Sutherland Tea set etc
Lot 297: Box of assorted Silver Plate, Glass Ware and China etc
Lot 298: Large Box of Toby Jugs + Staffordshire Toby Jugs
Lot 299: Lloyd Loom Style Chair and Bedside Table plus a Pressed Brass Coal Box and Magazine Rack
Lot 300: Knitting and Sewing Items. Boxed
Lot 301: Box of China including Oriental Vases and Horse Figure etc
Lot 302: Assortment of China containing Glass Painted Vase etc
Lot 303: Mahogany Nest of Three Tables
Lot 304: Phillips Glass Fronted Hot Food Hostess Trolley
Lot 305: LLoyd Loom Style Bedding Box containing Glass Items
Lot 306: Qualcast Electric Grass Strimmer
Lot 307: G Tech Battery Grass Strimmer
Lot 308: Bag of various items including SELMER Battery Charger + Tools etc
Lot 309: Meaco DD8L Free Standing Air Conditioner
Lot 310: Collection of Glass Poison Bottles
Lot 311: Wickes Pressure Washer + Autocare Air Compressor
Lot 312: 4 x Boxed Victoria Ladies
Lot 313: CoPper Urn plus Two Copper Planters
Lot 314: Box of Items containing Coalport and Wedgwood Collectors Plates etc
Lot 315: Collection of Wall and Table Lamps
Lot 316: Box Containing Lilliput Lane Figures x 9 (some boxed)
Lot 317: Gardening Seat on Wheels
Lot 318: Oil on Panel Picture of a Country Scene
Lot 319: 2 x Framed Under Glass Samplers and Binoculars
Lot 320: 4 x Walking Sticks
Lot 321: Box of China items including Copper Craft Cat etc
Lot 322: Collection of 3 X Coal Scuttles + Various Other Items
Lot 323: Coal Scuttle with Skips Anchor on Chain
Lot 324: Box of Tools including Chisels etc
Lot 325: Collection of Ladies Handbags and Purses
Lot 326: 5 x Wedgwood Collectors Plates. Boxed
Lot 327: Box of China including EPNS Spoons etc
Lot 328: Assortment of China containing Tea Set and Glass Items etc
Lot 329: Large Box of items including Pressed Brass Plates, Queen Memorabilia plus Copper Warming Pan etc
Lot 330: Box of Old Books
Lot 331: Collection of Metalwares etc
Lot 332: Large Box of Various CDs
Lot 333: Collection of Glass Items plus some China Items etc
Lot 334: Box of Single LPs  including ABBA and POP Records
Lot 335: Collection of Pictures including Water Colours etc
Lot 336: Antique Oak Banjo Barometer
Lot 337: Boxed Portable 5.5inch Euro 2004 TV
Lot 338: Boxed Bush Portable DVD Player
Lot 339: Panasonic 37inch Flat Screen TV
Lot 340: LG 32inch Flat Screen TV
Lot 341: Sony Bravia 40inch Flat Screen TV
Lot 342: Boxed Sony Handy Cam
Lot 343: Samsung Blue Ray Player
Lot 344: Talk Talk You View Box + Modem
Lot 345: Oak Old Charm Coffee Table
Lot 346: Walnut Coffee Table
Lot 347: Boxed Beatrix Potter Figures, Ladro and Lilliput Lane Figures etc
Lot 348: Antique Mahogany Banjo Barometer
Lot 349: Box of Chinese China
Lot 350: Collection of China items to include Royal Worcester etc
Lot 351: Oak 1920s Tea Trolley
Lot 352: Hopkinson Framed Picture + Canvas Picture
Lot 353: Nepolian Hat Westminster Chime Clock + 1 Other
Lot 354: 2 x Bathroom Wall Mirrors + one boxed Bath Store Mirror
Lot 355: Collection of 4 x Wall Mirrors
Lot 356: Box of China including Sylvac etc
Lot 357: Art Deco Light Up Bathroom Mirror
Lot 358: Collection of Framed Pictures
Lot 359: Box of items including Bread Bin plus DVDs
Lot 360: Assortment of China to include Countess etc
Lot 361: LLoyd Loom Blanket Box containing Nikon Camera etc
Lot 362: Collection of Kitchen Ware including Rolling pins etc
Lot 363: 2 x Bags of Ski's
Lot 364: Box containing Framed Pictures etc
Lot 365: Box of Various items including a Coal Scuttle etc
Lot 366: 2 x Ercol Tables
Lot 367: George Forman Health Grill. Working Order
Lot 368: Golf Bag with Clubs
Lot 369: 4 x Golf Trolleys
Lot 370: 2 x Sets of Golf Clubs and Bags
Lot 371: Box of China including Royal Vale etc
Lot 372: Collection of Various Items including Matchbox Toys etc
Lot 373: Box of China/Glass including Oriental Bowl and Jug etc