Cooper Barrington LLP - Friday 28th June 2019 - General Sale
Lot 1: Vintage Triang Trike, Desk and Rush Seated Chair. (3 items)
Lot 2: Two Vintage Woven Pictures, Bird and Floral
Lot 3: Brass Coal Scuttle, Stick Stand with Sticks, Decorative Gilt Picture Frame plus other
Lot 4: Large Oriental Two Handled Vase
Lot 5: 4 x Two Man Saws and a Spear & Jackson Saw
Lot 6: 6 Gallon Longer-Wear Multipot Urn and Tesco 25L Bin
Lot 7: Large Glass Gold Painted Vase
Lot 8: Large Midnight Blue Vase with Gold Decoration
Lot 9: Vintage Oblong Pine Gilt Mirror.
Lot 10: Framed Embroidered Bird Picture & Sailing Print (2 items)
Lot 11: Good Quality Sailsbury Leather File Briefcase
Lot 12: Car / Motorhome Cooler Box
Lot 13: Vintage Brass Jam Pan with Swing Handle
Lot 14: Vintage Copper Warming Pan
Lot 15: Vintage Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
Lot 16: Vintage Gilt Framed Wall Mirror
Lot 17: Vintage Mahogany Barometer in the shape of a ships anchor
Lot 18: Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles 100 to 1000 piece Sets. including 'Vimto', Maps, Flags & 50's advertising. (10 items).
Lot 19: Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles 300 to 1500 piece Sets. including Land Girls, Time of Our Lives, Flora & Fauna, Water Fowl (10 items).  
Lot 20: A Pair of Classical Urn Table Lamps with Shades. Working order. Height 23 and 28   inches. (2 Items).  
Lot 21: Collection of Metalwares to Include:Arts & Crafts Hammered Copper Acorn Jar/Cover. Mitchells & Butlers  Bass  Beer Tap. Copper Kettle Etc. (5 Items).  
Lot 22: Vintage Brass Oil Lamps x 2 (one with shade)
Lot 23: Olivetti Dora Cased Typewriter c.1970's.
Lot 24: 6x Lamps with Shades. (2x Pairs) (6 items)
Lot 25: Collection of China includes Shell Bowl, Bed Pan, (5 items)
Lot 26: Pine Wall Hanging Shelf
Lot 27: Various China Items includes Royal Doulton Bunnykins, etc
Lot 28: Box of China Items, including Denby Ware
Lot 29: Collection of Crystal and Assorted Glass, Jug, Glasses etc
Lot 30: Collection of China includes Crown Trent & Rayware
Lot 31: Various Glass, Silverplate Flower Bowl etc
Lot 32: Vintage RJR Inhaler, 2x Teapots and Lamp (6 items)
Lot 33: Collection of LP Records 12", 10" and Linguaphone Records
Lot 34: Huge Collection of Pop / Rock CD's includes Michael Jackson, Dirty Dancing.. Etc
Lot 35: Bag of Miscallany, DVD, Keys, Locks, Beaufort Rescue Device
Lot 36: Collection of Brass and other Metal Wares, Brass Watering Can, Lamps etc
Lot 37: Collection of Cat Prints, Sillouettes, Some Limited Edition
Lot 38: Various Kitchenalia, including Denby Jugs etc
Lot 39: Various Items; Some Boxed, Novelty Mug, Hunting Mugs, Stop Watch, Lamps, Camera
Lot 40: Cased Collection of 78 RPM Records
Lot 41: Collection of LP Records Including Soundtrack Recordings etc (some in Case)
Lot 42: Collection of Classical CD's in Drawers and Box
Lot 43: Collection of Cut Crystal Glass, Decanter, Bowl, Vases etc
Lot 44: Collection of Miscallany, Oil and Vinegar Jugs, Stainless Steel etc
Lot 45: Collection of Glass. Includes Paperweight, Acorn Bird.
Lot 46: Vintage Tennis Rackets including Slazenger (2 items)
Lot 47: Collection of China and Glass. Includes Large Crystal Vase, Biscuit Barrel, Skol Advertising Glasses
Lot 48: A Choice Collection of Crystal Glass, Including Decanter, Pretty Vingate Bowls and More
Lot 49: Two Boxed of New Milk Bottles (over 200)
Lot 50: Good Collection of China Items including Poole
Lot 51: Baking Trays, Thermos Jugs, etc
Lot 52: Collection of Tools, Sledghammer, Hand Drill
Lot 53: Collection of Commemorative Wares, Corronation Mugs, Mevagissey Teapot
Lot 54: Collection of Cut Crystal Vases (8 items)
Lot 55: Vintage Gritzner Electric Sewing Machine
Lot 56: Golf Bag, Trolley and Clubs
Lot 57: Oak Cased Sewing Machine & Golf Club
Lot 58: Terracotta  Lamp wth Shade
Lot 59: Art Deco Style Bed Side Cabinet
Lot 60: Vintage Pine 12 Bottle Wine Rack
Lot 61: Vintge Oak Table and Two Lattice Stools (3 items)
Lot 62: Windsor and Newton of London Painters Easle
Lot 63: Brass Three Branch Ceiling Lamp
Lot 64: Laskaseal Fur Coat
Lot 65: Collection  of 6x Wooden Trays
Lot 66: Collection of Kitchenalia, Silver Plate Cutlery, Icing Sets etc
Lot 67: Collection of China Items Wedgwood Hanging Plant Stand, Royal Doulton Plate etc
Lot 68: Collection of China Items including Goode & Co Plate, Torquay Ware Jar etc
Lot 69: Collection of Grindley China
Lot 70: Corden Bleu Cookery Books in Folders
Lot 71: Rushworth Cased Violin
Lot 72: Colletion of China and Glass, Coloured Glass, Jugs, Figurine
Lot 73: Collection of China and Glass, Includes Large Vases, Blue Glass, Viking Ship and More
Lot 74: Collection of Glass Items plus Teapot etc
Lot 75: Wooden Base Lamps with Shades
Lot 76: Schiller Tea and Dinner Service
Lot 77: Universal Sewing Machine
Lot 78: Box of Miscallany, Brass Plaques, China, Glass Items
Lot 79: Box of China Items including Cottages (David Winter etc)
Lot 80: Box of China Including Aynsley, Commemortive Wares etc
Lot 81: Collection of Cookery Items including a Thermos Flask, Denby Saucepan
Lot 82: Collection of Baking / Cookery Items. Including Pineapple Slicer, Baking Beads etc
Lot 83: Collection of Various Items, Watches, Cameras, Binoculars, Clocks etc
Lot 84: Collection of Glass, Some Coloured and Crsytal Items
Lot 85: Collection of Miscallany, Wooden Dolls Furniture, Aynsley China and Nao
Lot 86: Collection of China Kent S H & S England Lidded Pot plus Various Plates
Lot 87: Collection of Metalwares, Includes, 3 Brach Lamp, Curtain Rings etc
Lot 88: Collection of Various Items, Slate Barometer, Stainless Nut Bowls etc
Lot 89: Collection of Lace, Toys Cat, Monkey, Playing Cards etc
Lot 90: Collection of David Winter Cottages, Glass Items, Old Mud Men
Lot 91: Collection of Metal Wares including Shell Case Trench Art, Horse Brasses etc
Lot 92: Collection of Baking / Cooking Items. Baking Trays, Knives (new)
Lot 93: Metal Bin Containing Mandolin Pro, Shoe Last, Teapot etc
Lot 94: Collection of Teapots, Vases etc including Myotts
Lot 95: Collection of Music Books, Manchester Sash and Flowers
Lot 96: Collection of Board Games, Jigsaws (Some Vintage)
Lot 97: Collection of Theatrical Clothing, Top Hat, Page Boy Outfit etc
Lot 98: Collection of Teapots, Gibson, Queen Ann, Sadler (9 items)
Lot 99: Crown Ducal Tea Wares, Amber Glass Jar and Glasses and Vase
Lot 100: Collection of Various Items, Including Pewter Tankard, Pottery Dog, Silverplate etc
Lot 101: Collection of Furr Clothing Items, Including Gloves and Some Vintage Handbags
Lot 102: Collection of Royal Worcester Lidded Dishes. (4 items)
Lot 103: Royal Doulton Arcadia Dinner Wares
Lot 104: Collecction of 9 Ornaments, Clay Vase, 2 Ginger Jars and Mexican Man Decanter
Lot 105: Royal Worcester and St Michaels China Items (Various Patterns)
Lot 106: Elkes Biscuit Tin, 3 Section Cake Tin, Glass Bowls etc
Lot 107: Collection of China and Glass,  Sylvac Style Rabbit, Ships Decanter, Lighter etc
Lot 108: Nice Collection of Crystal / Glass Items. Decanter, Jug and Candlesticks etc
Lot 109: Collection of Various China and Glass includes Aynsley and Crown Staffordshire
Lot 110: Good Collection of Items , Strap Hinges, Lion, Brass Plaques etc
Lot 111: Nice Collection of Collectables, Port Ship Lamp, Staffordshire Dogs, Crystal Vase
Lot 112: Crusader Extra Special Cricket Bat
Lot 113: Collection of China Including 2 Tea Sets, Crested Ware. Paragon, Copeland
Lot 114: Collection of China and Glass includes Cranberry Glasses, Wooden Candlesticks etc
Lot 115: Mixed Box, Wedgwood, Worcester, Reader Digest Plates etc
Lot 116: Various Vintage Baby Items, Bottles, Literature.
Lot 117: Vintage Dolls Pram plus Doll.  
Lot 118: Edwardian Baby Cot "The Universal Cot". Early 1900. Metal frame on casters. Height 31 in.   Width 41 in. Depth 19 in.
Lot 119: Vintage Russian Dolls
Lot 120: Two Wedgwood Plates 'early morning milk', 'Millenium 2000ad Plate'
Lot 121: Pink Glass Bird Vase
Lot 122: Vintage Carnival Glass USI 'Shell and Sand' Ruffled Bowl. Diameter 7 3/4 inches. Also a "Thistle and Thorn" Sugar Bowl and Milk/Cream Jug. (3 Items).
Lot 123: J White Glasgow Binoculars & Spectacles
Lot 124: Hornby 00 Train & 3 Tenders (Shell, Cadbury)
Lot 125: I Com Water Resistant CB Radio with /charger
Lot 126: Collection of Robertson Gollies, Thimble, Coins etc
Lot 127: Collection of Costume Jewellery and Buttons
Lot 128: Indian Inlaid Cigarette Box
Lot 129: Chrome Plated Table Mount Bar / Restaurant Wine Bottle Opener. Length 12.5 inches.
Lot 130: Cash Box Containing Silver and Various Costume Jewellery
Lot 131: Shoe Box of Costume / Fashion Jewellery and Hair Accessories
Lot 132: All Creatures Great and Small DVD Box Sets (Series 1 & 2 , Volumes 1 and 2) (New Sealed)
Lot 133: Royal Doulton Seriesware Bowl & Shelley Bowl (2 items)
Lot 134: Sony D-E715 CD Discman
Lot 135: Royal Sydneyware Dressing Table Set (6 piece)
Lot 136: Cigarette Cards Aviation , Postcards etc
Lot 137: Cockerel Decorated Vase and 6 Glasses
Lot 138: Canterlever Jewellery Box Containing Jewellery
Lot 139: Royal Doulton Character Jugs 'Gaoler' & 'Old Charlie'
Lot 140: Beswick Large Standing Fox Figurine
Lot 141: Antique Staffordshire Toby Jugs. Late 19th Century. Height 5 1/2 & 4 3/4 inches.
Lot 142: Three Framed Prints 'Don Manuel', 'Montegna Andrea' & One Other
Lot 143: Vintage Gilt Metal & White Onyx Table Lamp with Oval Pink Shade. Height 15 inches.   Working Order..
Lot 144: Gents Mixed Lot, Clothes Brushes, Pens, Seiko Watch, Magnifying Glasses etc
Lot 145: Silver Plate and Glass , Includes Cruet Sets, Oil Jugs etc
Lot 146: Vintage Roberts RTI Transistor Radio
Lot 147: Vintage Mahogany Inlaid Tray
Lot 148: Vintage Hand Tools, Chisels, Micrometer, Pen Knife etc
Lot 149: Collection of Tobacconannia, Pipes, Stands, Lighters
Lot 150: Collection of Brass, Toasting Fork , Nut Crackers, John Peel Horse Brass etc (8 items)
Lot 151: Indian Inlaid Cigar Box
Lot 152: Lady Golfer Figurine
Lot 153: Pink Glass Vase with Gilt Overlaid Decoration
Lot 154: Collection of Bowie Knives, Some with Sheaths (4 items)
Lot 155: Selection of Travel Games, Cards, Travel Chess etc
Lot 156: Collection of China, Carlton Leaf Bowls etc and Barometer
Lot 157: Vintage Decorative Stained Glass 'Teddy Bears Picnic' Silver Glass Mirror Box. Dumfriesshire,Scotland. Boxed with paperwork. Also Boxed Victoria & Albert Museum London Teddy Bear Paper Weight. (2 Items)
Lot 158: Wood Carving Books x2
Lot 159: Mason Ironstone Plate
Lot 160: Collection of Edwardian and Later Glasses
Lot 161: Carltonware (style) Leaf Bowl and Salad Servers
Lot 162: Collection of Otter Decorated China etc. Plus Wedgwood and Royal Albert
Lot 163: Stainless Steel Goblets in two Sets of 6 (12 items)
Lot 164: Collection of Commemorative Wares, Wedgwood Mug, John Players Cigarette Cards
Lot 165: Collection of Compact Camera's, Olympus, Praktica, (3 items)
Lot 166: Vintage Classical Guitar in Bag
Lot 167: Mechanical Lots, Musical Fruit Bowls, Clocks etc
Lot 168: Chinese Wool Carpet With Floral Decoration in Pink with Soft Greens, Purple and Cream. 124 x 70cm.
Lot 169: G Plan Telephone Table
Lot 170: Antique Pine 2 Door Cabinet Top Fitted with 2 Shelves.  
Lot 171: Corby 2000 Trouser Press
Lot 172: Vintage 2 Door / Three Drawer Cabinet
Lot 173: Collection of Framed Floral Prints (10 items)
Lot 174: Collection of 3 Prints 'Pears', Joy of Spring etc
Lot 175: Chinese Wool Carpet With Floral Decoration in Light Blue with Soft Greens, Pinks and Cream. 124 x 62cm.  
Lot 176: Collection of Framed Canvas Pictures 'Winter Scene', 'Pheasants' etc
Lot 177: Collection of Wood & Metal Picture Frames (23 items)
Lot 178: Two Drawer Metal Filling Cabinet
Lot 179: Metal 3 Tier Tea Trolley
Lot 180: Plastic Three Drawer Chest
Lot 181: Two Glass Topped Coffee Tables
Lot 182: Collection of Commemorative Papers etc
Lot 183: Vintage Oak Lift Up Lid Table
Lot 184: Collection of Taxidermy, Fox etc
Lot 185: Two Large Prints of Girls
Lot 186: Mahogany Framed Table Screen with Bird and Fruit Decoration
Lot 187: Folding Metal Table and Foot Rest
Lot 188: Collection of Pictures, Dog, Otter etc
Lot 189: Collection of Paperweights, Barometer and Lighter etc
Lot 190: Collection of Camera's Pentax, Konica, etc
Lot 191: Retro Style Teak Effect Coffee Table
Lot 192: Collection of Framed Pictures (6 items)
Lot 193: Victorian Mahogany Table
Lot 194: Three Pairs of Gardening Shears (one extending)
Lot 195: Boxed Pifco Fairy Coach Lamps and Spare Bulbs
Lot 196: Collection of Trays and Wooden Box
Lot 197: Collection of Dinky, Corgi Toys etc
Lot 198: Boxed Magic Movie Gramophone Sound Vision Toy
Lot 199: Bull Butchers Display and Hornby O Gauge Tunnel
Lot 200: Box of Assorted Toys and Wooden Cart
Lot 201: Large Box of Dinky, Corgi etc
Lot 202: Box of Various Toys, Robots, Daleks etc
Lot 203: Vintage Boxed Games and Toys
Lot 204: Vintage Boxed Infant Toys, Telephones, Pull a Tune etc
Lot 205: Tomy Bed Saver, Kids Bed safety Guard
Lot 206: Flat Packed Dolls House
Lot 207: Beech Effect Table and 6 Chairs
Lot 208: Mahogany Bowfronted Glazed Corner Cupboard
Lot 209: Collection of Framed Pictures (10 items)
Lot 210: Beech Effect Head Board
Lot 211: Childs Golf Set and Union Jack Flag
Lot 212: Collection of Pictures , Prints Landscapes
Lot 213: Victorian Scumbled Pine Single Door Wardrobe. 19th Century. Height 78 in. Width 39 in.   Depth 21 in.
Lot 214: Collection of Pictures , Prints. Horse and Cart etc)
Lot 215: Collection of Prints including Renoir, Landscapes etc
Lot 216: Collection of Mirrors, Tray, Bevelled Edge Mirror, Wrought Iron Framed Mirror
Lot 217: Stair Sack Barrow / Truck
Lot 218: 2000w Electric Chipper / Shredder
Lot 219: Two Oak Framed Barometers. (2 items)
Lot 220: Lanterns, Glass Based Lamp with Shade,
Lot 221: Pair of Glass Bodied Oil Lamps with Shades
Lot 222: Tripod Wood and Brass Lamp Standard
Lot 223: Vintage St Mary's College Uniform
Lot 224: AB Master Rocking Machine
Lot 225: Three Electric Heaters
Lot 226: Collection of Oil Lanterns
Lot 227: Singer Sewing Machine Base
Lot 228: Assortment of Biscuit Tins
Lot 229: Vintage Wicker Chair
Lot 230: Vintage Lloyd Loom Style Chair
Lot 231: Leather and Chrome Office Chair
Lot 232: Collection of Framed Pictures. Landscapes & Animals (11 items)
Lot 233: Antique Pine Pitch Pine Pew
Lot 234: Collection Pictures including Peter Rabbit Print
Lot 235: Silver Crest Convection Heater (Boxed)
Lot 236: Pair of Gilt Framed Boat Prints
Lot 237: Pair of Painted Bedside Cupboards
Lot 238: Floral Upholstered Armchair
Lot 239: Edwardian Oak Single Wardrobe with Mirrored  Door.  Early 1900s. Height 80 in.  Width 32  in.  Depth 17 in..
Lot 240: Set of 4 Mahogany Dining Chairs
Lot 241: Collection of Pictures of Landscapes (13 items)
Lot 242: Collection of Picture Frames (5 items)
Lot 243: White Painted Sideboard Top ,Kitchen Cupboard
Lot 244: Vintage Pitch Pine Cot
Lot 245: Ferguson Record Player with Aiwa Speakers
Lot 246: Large Collection of Various LP Records
Lot 247: Vintage Beech Dual Flip Top School Desk. Height 26 in. Width 40 in. Depth 18 in.
Lot 248: Aiwa Portable TV / VHS Combi
Lot 249: Vintage Stereosound Super 10 Record Player with Speakers
Lot 250: Vintage Mahogany Bowfronted Corner Display Cabinet
Lot 251: Marks and Spencers Microwave
Lot 252: Ferguson Radiogramme Longboy
Lot 253: Vintage Boxed Classical Guitar
Lot 254: Vintage KB Radio
Lot 255: Bush Micro CD / Radio System
Lot 256: Collection of Camera's including Boxed Accessories / Tripod etc
Lot 257: Two Upholstered Chairs
Lot 258: Two Parker Knoll Chairs